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The hit man's hit man is again at the tip of the spear with nowhere to hide. His former lover, now the acting chief financial officer of NATO, is on the verge of being sold to fanatics in the war-torn Middle East. U.S. Army rescue teams have failed. Termination is the only option. Can ex-mob enforcer, Lou Palmer, outmaneuver a top CIA assassin, and an army of kidnappers, to save the woman he still loves? His desperate journey will take him to three continents and bring him face-to-face with an old enemy, an encounter his former crime boss has ordered to be their last.


​(Available in paperback and eBook at

An RPG is fired at the president's motorcade in the heart of the nation's capital. From a hotel balcony, a stunned assassin flees as the president's vehicle speeds away. Moments later, an ex-mob enforcer, recalled for one last mission, bursts into the room to eliminate a potential witness. But the man is already dead of a broken neck.

Lou Palmer steps onto the balcony while clearing the room. An AP photographer, among the carnage in the street, shoots frame after frame of Palmer with a telephoto lens. Soon the authorities are hot on Palmer's trail. With seventeen indictments behind him, can he survive number eighteen?

Palmer must clear himself of the one crime he didn't commit. That means unravel a conspiracy that threatens to destroy a president and broaden the Global War on Terror.